A Salute to Veterans: Meet Lt. Colonel Anthony Daniels (Retired)

Anthony Daniels is the son of a career Air Force Senior Non- Commissioned Officer. Born in Cheyenne, Wyoming, he lived all over the United States and overseas. His family is originally from Albany, Georgia and Miami, Florida. His father retired from the Air Force at Tinker Air Force Base in the early 1980’s. He finished high school and college in Oklahoma. His dream was to be a dentist or a politician. However, he found out very early in life that he didn’t have the patience or temperament to do either. He grew up as the middle child of three, with two sisters. His position in birth never hindered his position in life.

To learn more about Lt. Col. Daniels, grab the latest copy of Shades Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 3.  You can find Lt. Col. Daniel's article on pages 10.

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