Fall Edition, Volume 1, Issue 4: Artist Spotlight





Mary Ann Moore, born in Oklahoma City, May 24, 1950 to James & Opal Jones is the oldest daughter of seven children. She attended Oklahoma City Public Schools and graduated from Douglas High School.

Mary Ann Moore completed her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Oklahoma City University and worked on her Master of Education with Emphasis in Art, from University of Central Oklahoma.

Since early childhood, art has played a vital role in her life. Commitment to the arts as a permanent fixture of the human experience and as a catalyst of personal growth, defines her way of life. “I attribute spiritual evolution, personal growth and inspiration to the Creator and to the Ancestors. However, art is the main conduit of knowledge and wisdom gained during these life experiences.” It is also in this time she adopted the professional moniker “Senoj”.


After serving 40 years with Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC) as Professor of Visual Arts, Mary Ann retired 2014. During her career, she received numerous awards, grants and commissions; spearheading several high profile projects throughout Oklahoma including “The Devon Centennial Mosaic Murals” in Bricktown, Oklahoma City.

“My humble mission is to exemplify art in service to the community. To be an Artist is to think eternally and with honor I accept and understand the gravity of this mission. Art is a reflection that prompts the viewer to glean answers to life’s questions - a living byproduct of communion with God”.

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