Georgia Brown Federated Democratic Women's Club

Kitti Asberry, President

The organizational meeting of the Oklahoma Federation of Democratic Women, a state-wide affiliated member organization of the Oklahoma Democratic Party, was held in Oklahoma City at the historic Huckins Hotel on Saturday the 10th day of April 1965.

Mrs. Georgia L. Brown, an Oklahoma City community activist who was very involved in the Democratic Party, was certified as a voting delegate at the Federation’s organizational meeting and was the 13th signer of the Constitution & Bylaws adopted at that meeting.

Mrs. Bernice Syrus-Davis founded an Oklahoma Federation of Democratic Women’s Club in Northeast OKC in 1968. To honor her friend and mentor, “Sweet Georgia Brown”, Mrs. Syrus-Davis named the club: Georgia Brown Federated Democratic Women’s Club (GBFDWC). In addition to being an organizational member of the Oklahoma Federation of Democratic Women. Mrs. Brown founded the Eleanor Roosevelt Democratic Women’s Club.
Both Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Syrus-Davis were beauticians by profession. Mrs. Brown invited the National Beauty Culturists organization to Oklahoma in 1952 and served as the second Oklahoma State President of Chapter #57. She was a National Beauty Culturist League Trustee and a member of the National Executive Board.
In 1969, Mrs. Brown was honored by the Oklahoma City Federation of Colored Women’s Club for “her continuing work in elevating the status of beauticians and also for securing the first Negro page at the State Capitol.” In 1973 Oklahoma Governor David Hall appointed Mrs. Georgia L. Brown to the Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology

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