Winter Edition, Volume 2, Issue 1: Katherine Brown OKC’s Original Line Dance Club

It all started at her 35th class reunion, when Kathryn Mil- ton said she quickly learned, you didn’t have any fun un- less you were up dancing. In fact, someone asked her to dance and she told them it had been years since she had danced and didn’t think she knew how anymore. The following night Ms. Milton said everyone was up on the floor dancing, all just doing their thing, laughing, going through the soul train line, etc. and just having a GREAT time. Ms. Milton said all she could think about is she wanted to be up there…and that’s when she vowed that the next time they had a reunion, she was going to be dancing.

Not long after that Ms. Milton dropped in at a popular dance club, the Grenadier, where her daughter was taking swing dance lessons. Even though Ms. Milton said her daughter tried to reprimand her for being there, she said she ended up joining the next class and graduating soon after. Soon, she was going to five swing dance classes every week and did that for the next three years. She enjoyed it so much.

After acquiring 10 dance diplomas, Ms. Milton decided to start teaching, but chickened out. She finally made up her mind to “Just Do It”. January 2006, she started her first class at Metro Tech. The first name of the dance group was “Dons and Divas of Line Dance”. She later moved the group to the Urban League, where the classes really began to catch on. Kathryn said after much encouragement her daughter, Cherrisa “Rese” Lynn Milton joined her as an instructor and eventually changed the name of the group to OKC’s Original Line Dance Club.”

In 2009, at the suggestion of a friend, Ms. Milton said they were called to teach line dancing at Metro Tech for their Wellness and Fitness program, headed by Valerie McMurray-Hopkins. The class which was first offered to employees and families only was later offered, along with five other fitness classes, to the entire community. The goal is to get everyone exercising and healthy! Three years later


the classes expanded from one to eight classes a week. They have also performed at many different activities and events sponsored by Oklahoma City and Metro Tech.

Line Dancing has created a group of diehard dancer who will turn the party OUT! It can start a party and keep the party going. Ms. Milton said they always has a good time, and it’s all because somebody had not danced in years!


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