Fall Edition, Volume 1, Issue 4: Mission Direct Haiti

Tijunia Hudson is someone who cares about people and making a difference . She proved that was exactly what was on her heart after visiting Haiti with her church, on a mission trip in the summer of 2014. She explains that her experience was overwhelming. The need was so great that after she returned home she committed to help the Haitian community and never looked back. With much prayer and a heart to make a difference, on August 15, 2014, Mission Direct Haiti ,Inc. was incorporated in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma as a Not for Profit Corporation 501c3.

Why Haiti?

The need there is overwhelming. They have no running water or food. Children are without clothing and shelter is a travesty on what's going on in Haiti. The story needs to be told.

What would you say has been your greatest motivation?

The need for others.

Now that you've been there, what would you like to see happen?

A DIRECT change where you see villages visually change into communities. What have you done? Mission Direct Haiti and team members have literally served by issuing clothing, food and bibles, meeting the basic needs. Also built homes and working on reconstruction for water wells.

What do you want to do, your plans and/or goals for Mission Haiti Direct?

Special attention must be given to men, women and children in rural areas, which are home to over half of the population where extreme poverty persists and income inequality is increasing. So here’s where we start…MDH has a No Child Left Behind policy impact with food, clothing, shelter and education, elder/orphan centers, medical clinics, technical/trade centers to teach the Haitian people to provide by creating opportunities.


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