Winter Edition, Volume 2, Issue 1: Sandy Brown Jazee and Jams, LLC

Sandy Brown began dancing at an early age. While visiting Dallas in 2002, she recognized a dance similar to old school fast dance and fell in love with the dance call DFW Swingout. An organization was formed called Grown Folks Association (GFA) with Paul Littlejohn and others including herself. GFA kicked off its first event with a happy hour on Friday, December 13, 2003 at the Deep Deuce Jazz Café where Swingout was introduced! Ms. Brown began teaching DFW Swingout classes in 2004 as the first Black Female Swingout Instructor for Oklahoma City. The rest is history.

Ms. Brown founded Jazzee Jewels and Jems, LLC in 2005. Her sister, Stephanie, had been her assistant for many years until an injury put a pause in her teaching. Ms. Brown began teaching again in 2014 and Jocelyn Lewis

became her assistant for the Northside class. Her sister Stephanie, began teaching with assistants, Myra Myles and Rodney Simpson for the Eastside class.

This organization now made of adults and children dances, sings, and volunteers and donates to worthy causes; supports many other organizations; and travels to different cities and states to showcase dance and compete. 

Sandy Brown‘s passion is dance! She has had over 500 dancers graduate from her dance class and loves teaching DFW Swingout and Line Dance. It’s even been said that most of the line dances that people are doing around town were brought to Oklahoma by Sandy Brown, including the popular Cupid Shuffle and Wobble. Northside classes are held at Aja Bleu Restaurant, 2222 W. Hefner on Monday nights, 6:30 p.m. Eastside classes are held on Tuesday at Ice Event Center, 1148 NE 36th at 6:00 p.m. and also on Tuesday at Bistro 46 located at 2501 NE 23rd at 6:00 p.m.

Ms. Brown has also picked up a new love for the dance, Chicago Style Stepping and attends many workshops and conferences. Many of her Jazzee Jewels and Jems are also excited about this great dance. Ms. Brown has been the leading judge for many dance competitions, including the annual international Swing Dance Champions in Houston, Texas every year. She is also founder and operator of her own website:


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