The Power of Women - Meet Anita Arnold

Anita Arnold

Since 1991, Anita Arnold has served as Executive Director of BLAC, Inc. Arnold is a former executive of the U.S. Postal Service where she had responsibility for national information systems for Real Estate and Buildings of the Postal Service. She was the second-highest level female Postal  Service executive in the country.

Arnold is a retired district manager of AT&T Consumer Products where she managed a $1.6 billion product line of purchased data products. She counts among her many business experiences, Owner of Investment Brokerage Company, Inc., a real estate company and Argos Property Management Company.

In 1991, following 7 years of service as a board member of BLAC, Inc., she assumed the role of Executive Director. She has served in this capacity for 28 years and been recognized for her many accomplishments in the non-profit field. They include numerous “firsts” including the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Partners’ in Education program to Oklahoma. She is the recipient of the coveted Governor’s Arts Award and the Pathmakers of Oklahoma City/County Award. She was a member of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Advisory Committee for three years. She received the 2010 Oklahoma Human Rights Award.

Arnold received an Associate Degree in Computer Programming from Oklahoma State University, graduated Summa Cum Laude from Memphis State University in the field of Production Management with a major in Computer Science and Mathematics. She has also done post-graduate work in Engineering Management at the University of Oklahoma.

She is the author of six cultural history books, Charlie and the Deuce, Legendary Times and Tales of Second Street.

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