Fall Edition, Volume 1, Issue 4: We Are The Reflection Of…

by Linda Keaton Smith

As individuals, we are a product of our environment and a reflection of the world, as we perceive it, based on our character development, core value system, self-esteem and self-worth. 

Our belief system, relationships, affiliations, media preferences (movies, television programs, books, etc.) mirror our inner man. It is the principle of the law of attraction; like attracts like, birds of a feather flock together etc.. So, we are drawn and attracted to the people, places and things most like ourselves.

Recently I heard the word “reflection” in my spirit. At the time, I had just finished looking at MSNBC, which is one of the national political news channels I enjoy occasionally; so I began to ponder the word (reflection) relative to the turmoil I was experiencing in my gut at the thought of Donald Trump becoming a candidate for the upcoming Presidential election. It was a disturbing thought indeed, as I contemplated the implications of Mr. Trump becoming Commander in Chief of our beloved Country. As of this writing he has in fact become the Republican Party’s candidate.

Even more alarming is how a segment of American society, especially one that considers itself a foundation and pillar of its society, who call themselves, “Christians,” and/or “ Evangelicals” could desire and support a person who does not even profess to know God, or have faith in and follow the teachings of Jesus the Christ, or knowing the power and guidance of The Holy Spirit. How can this happen, I asked myself?

Well, one reason is that Donald Trump is a reflection of the people attracted to him; he gives voice to what they really want to say out loud to African Americans, Latinos, Asians, Muslim, Women and any other ethnos or minority group. For his followers and supporters he aptly expresses the vision of their world and the country (once they take it back and make it great again) in which they want to live.

Then I reminded myself that Christianity is a religion; which is the perfect hiding place for those who want to use religious dogma, ungodly anger, racism, hatred, bigotry and a twisted understanding of Jesus the Christ and the Bible, as an expression of the heart and mind of the God they proclaim to love and serve.

Not all individuals of the Christian religion or Conservative movement identify with Trump, but because there is a block of them (Christian Evangelicals) that have nationally associated themselves as supporters of his candidacy, it is impossible to identify those who do not.

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